When Is The Prime Age To Learn The Bass Guitar
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When Is The Prime Age To Learn The Bass Guitar?

The bass guitar is the foundation of any musical instrument group. Bassists focus on major parts of the music, the rhythm, and the harmony of the song. Which in short is the foundation of the band and essentially brings the music altogether and to life. This alone is the sole reason why bass musicians are essential and in high demand when it comes to music.

Best Time To Learn the Bass Guitar?

Perhaps you are wondering if your kid can play the bass guitar, then look no further. Bassists typically begin starting to practice at the ages of 7 – 9 years old. Mainly some children begin practice with 4 string bass guitars, and on the other hand, some children find playing with 6 strings easier. Personal preference is all too required when it comes to playing this instrument, and do not fret as you are never too young or too old to start learning how to play the bass guitar.


How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Play The Bass Guitar

In retrospect, the bass is generally a bit bigger than a normal guitar. Bear in mind this does require hand muscles. As the strings are bigger than a normal guitar and need more pressure to strum. If your child is unable to strum the guitar do not worry as there are smaller ¾ basses perfectly suited for them as well.

7 Signs Your Children Are Ready To Start Playing the Bass Guitar

  1. Your child has a natural rhythm to the way they do anything. For instance, the bass is an essential instrument to providing a rhythmic ground level to any song. In any case, if your child has rhythm this may be an option to look towards as a creative outlet for your young one.
  2. The ability to focus for long enough durations to practice the instrument and get good at it. With instruments and other abilities that we learn as humans, repetition is key to learning. If your child can focus for upwards to 30 minutes and beyond. It is likely that they can manage to learn an instrument and be ready to start lessons.
  3. Making time to practice is vital. Even after working with an instructor/teacher, the student will need to practice daily to absorb everything
  4. Motivated to learn how to play the bass guitar. Having any form of motivation to want to learn this instrument is absolutely necessary in taking any steps towards mastering the bass.
  5. Maturity level in your child. When it comes to something such as this, it does require some form of maturity within the child to work with other children that are learning a new instrument just like they are.
  6. Your child has good observation skills, paying attention to the tiniest details and notes in the music to test their musical talent. Practicing and paying attention to whether or not an instrument may be out of tune or if intentional mistakes are made in the melody.
  7. Natural/Beginner in playing any instruments. Work with your child and give them the time they need to begin testing new waters such as new instruments, as this could be a sign they are interested in taking bass guitar lessons.


Beginner Tips On How To Play A Bass Guitar

  • For starters, Practice the harmony in which you play bass guitar. This will be a huge and vital role in mastering the rhythm of the instrument and in learning how to master the art that much faster.
  • Having the correct size Bass guitar really can have a massive impact on how you’re able to play the instrument. Having too large of an instrument can be a very upsetting experience for anyone involved in trying to learn, especially a child that’s too small to wrap their arms around the instrument.
  • Strength training for your hands is absolutely essential in helping you perform at your peak when it comes to the bass guitar or any guitar for that matter. Look into grip strengtheners as these will dramatically help you.
  • Practice strumming with a pick since this will be the go-to when eventually performing, it also eases the strain on your fingers and actually also helps you master harder songs that much easier.
  • Play with other students that are better than you at playing the bass guitar. This goes for any instrument at all ever, surrounding yourself with others who work harder and better increases the likelihood of how you perform.


Is It Too Late For Me To Start Learning How To Play the Bass Guitar?

In short, No. It is absolutely never ever too late to start playing the bass guitar or any instrument for that matter. Yes, bassists can be as young as seven years old but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn yourself. The best time to learn this art is right now at the current age you are. In respect that you are able to maintain the physical and mental strain that may come with this. If so, then yes, you are ready to start learning the Bass guitar today!

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