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Piano Lessons Near Me

If you are searching for “piano lessons near me,” then look no further than Amazing Mobile Music Instruction! This music instructor offers lessons for beginners, intermediate level and experienced piano players. Read on for more piano lesson benefits and costs.

Benefits Of Piano Lessons

So why choose to learn the piano instead of other instruments like a guitar or drums? Well, there are many benefits to learning to play the piano. Here are a few of the piano lesson benefits listed below.

Perseverance And Discipline

To learn and eventually master the piano, all students will need to dedicate a healthy amount of time to the instrument. The time will easily translate to dedication, which becomes perseverance as you battle through any tough songs to learn. Many songs will require several run-throughs to master, and perseverance is never a bad quality to possess. Of course, perseverance can quickly make you more discipline. Sticking to a strict schedule and dedicating time each and every day to play piano shows incredible discipline. This a quality that certainly come in handy throughout life.

Sharpens Concentration

If you’re looking for an activity that requires focus and concentration, then playing the piano should be your newest hobby. Focus is vital, but also needs to be split up while playing the piano. For instance, players need to keep track of rhythm at the same time as note duration. Tempo must go hand in hand with pitch. Your mind will expand as you use your full concentration while playing this instrument. Experts believe playing an instrument is perhaps the only activity there is that stimulates all areas of the brain.

Strengthens Memory

With the brain stimulation comes an expansive memory bank for most avid piano players. When playing, your brain will act as an audio catalog, storing rhythms and tempos all at the same time. Memories tend to be more developed in musicians than anyone else.

Piano Lessons Cost

According to Thumbtack, piano lessons typically cost between $50-$60 per hour, bringing the national average to $55 per lesson.

  • Lowest cost: $40.
  • Average cost: $50.
  • Highest cost: $60.

Piano Lessons Cost

Music Lessons Cost At Amazing Mobile Music Instruction

Serving the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Arcadia areas, Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers some of the best music lesson rates in the entire valley! The best part about this company is it offers a variety of packages for beginners, intermediate-level players and experts. A basic package is $160 for four weeks (one lesson per week). A standard package costs $200 for four weeks, while the premium offering costs $220 for four weeks of lessons. For those seeking the ultra package, it comes with a price tag of $240 for four weeks of instruction. Introduction lessons for these offerings range from just $40-$55. Online lessons cost from $30-$50 per session.

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Amazing Mobile Music offers Music Lessons Throughout The Phoenix Valley

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers music lessons for piano, bass guitar, drums, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Learn how to play your favorite instrument with Amazing Mobile Music Instruction. Looking for kids piano lessons or beginner piano lessons? We can help with that too.

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