If you are searching for online piano teacher, online piano tutor, or skype piano lessons, Amazing Mobile Music Instruction can help!

Our goal is to help people achieve a greater understanding of how music actually works. Not just memorizing and feeling lost, but to really comprehend its structure while having fun.

We offer online piano lessons for both kids and adults.



(Half Off Of The First Lesson)


$30 / 1 SESSION

1 – 30 Min Lesson


$40 / 1 SESSION

1 – 45 Min Lesson


$50 / 1 SESSION

1 – 60 Min Lesson

Zelle or Venmo for payments preferred. Contact owner for multiple student discounts.

Online Piano Lessons

Is the piano lessons teacher you dream of on the opposite side of the country? Other side of world? Not an issue. Now, you can meet your teacher and take your piano lessons online, on your smartphone or by using the webcam on your laptop or computer. Now the classroom comes to you!

Skype Piano Lessons

Online and/or Skype piano lessons are the perfect solution for those that have hectic schedules, travel a lot, or simply can’t find the right piano teacher locally.

Through online and/or Skype piano lessons you can benefit from our highly skilled piano teachers no matter where your location. By taking Skype piano lessons online from your own home or apartment and not having to worry about cleaning up before your piano teacher arrives. You can even keep your online and/or Skype piano lessons ongoing even if you are away from home – all that is required is an accessible piano, a laptop, cell phone, or tablet with a built-in camera, and a reliable internet connection.

If you are a beginner piano student and haven’t committed in purchasing a piano yet, you may easily start your piano lessons from a university, high school, from a friend’s house, a piano studio you can rent, or anyplace where there is a reliable internet connection and piano access for one undisturbed hour.

Taking online piano lessons through Skype isn’t that much different from taking piano lessons with a teacher in person. Your online and/or Skype piano teacher is able to hear and see you play just like they would if they are with you; they can demonstrate for you, offer suggestions, explain things you might not understand, and instruction just as they would if they were with you.

If there is any difference at all from taking online and/or Skype piano lessons, they are probably little more efficient. There is no wasted time taking off shoes or coats, getting the piano warmed up, setting up the piano bench, or unloading and setting up the sheet music. By taking piano lessons through online and/or Skype, you and your piano teacher are ready to start from the get-go. Because you are both in front of your pianos, you even save some time without the need to change places each time your piano teacher needs to demonstrate something for you.

Our online and/or Skype piano teachers are knowledgeable and confident with using Skype and other video conferencing means for online piano lessons. Online piano lessons through Skype are dependable and successful, and it opens the door to online piano lessons for endless possible pianists who might not otherwise have access to piano lessons to them that they need to realize their musical aspirations.

How Much Does an Online Piano Teacher Cost?

Online Piano Teacher Cost

The average 60 minute online piano lesson costs about $70 per hour with average prices ranging $27 to $179 per hour in the US for 2020 according to TakeLessons.

Benefits of Hiring an Online Piano Teacher


Taking online lessons means there is going to an instructor’s home, school or studio. No more dragging instruments around the city and there are a lot of options for scheduling.


Now students across the country and time zone can study with Amazing Mobile Music Instruction. Students are no longer limited by geography!


Our cost may be lower for online services as travel time is totally cut out. Taking online lessons is more cost effective than studio lessons or local lessons. Please call for pricing.


Online lessons are accessible to everyone, everywhere. The only things you need are a dependable internet connection, your instrument and online video chat software like Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, Viber, or Facebook Video Calling.

How Online Piano Tutoring Works 

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers high-quality online music lessons with Ben, using video conferencing systems like Skype or FaceTime.

All you need is a laptop or tablet, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection and your instrument.

About our Online Piano Teacher

Ben has over 28 years of musical experience. As owner and instructor, he has developed a successful method of musical instruction. He has been studying theory for many years after teaching himself how to play and learning from any musician he encountered. Because of this, he has an original approach to teaching, playing and writing. When beginning to teach, he explored other methods to find a more reasonable if not a simpler way of conveying how to play a variety of instruments. Ben’s Method is enjoyable and valuable.

Why Use an Online Piano Teacher?

  • Connect with Ben from across the US. Having various traditions, cultures, and techniques to expand your mind and your playing style.
  • Easier than ever to begin. All you need is your instrument, an internet connected computer or laptop equipped with a webcam, mic, and some type of video conferencing software.
  • Retake your lesson again and again. Every lesson is recorded for you; go over the lesson’s contents over and over, with materials shared throughout the lessons are also accessible.
  • Differ your learning. Take technique practice with ben throughout the morning or take music lessons in the evening. No boundaries. No restrictions.
  • Make a valuable connection. Ben gives music lessons for a living; connect with him and share your passion.
  • Learn on your time. End the come and go time to take physical music lessons and utilize that time to improve in your own house.
  • Improve your technical skill. With video and audio optimized for music, it’s just as good as being with an instructor.
  • Quickly check in with teachers via chat. Having a hard time with a technique since your last lesson, but can’t wait until the next one? Chat directly with Ben at any time and get a little extra assistance.
  • Lower your costs. With reduced travel time and costs for both the student and Ben; online lessons can be considerably lower in price. Please call for pricing.
  • Nothing to lose. Ben is offering a half off your introductory lesson to try out the system and meet Ben.
  • Enhance music theory and understanding. Attain knowledge and techniques from Ben’s 28 years of musical experience.


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Amazing Mobile Music offers Music Lessons Throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers music lessons for piano, bass guitar, drums, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Learn how to play your favorite instrument with Amazing Mobile Music Instruction. Looking for kids piano lessons or beginner piano lessons? We can help with that too.

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Learn how to play the Ukulele with our online Ukulele lessons. With the right music teacher anyone can learn the Ukulele.

Learn how to play the Mandolin with our online Mandolin lessons. With the right music teacher anyone can learn the Mandolin.





$160 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 45 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $40

Location: Instructors Home

Travel Charge Included: No

Reoccurring Payment: Optional


$200 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 45 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $45

Location: Under 15 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes

Reoccurring Payment: Optional


$220 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 45 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $50

Location: Over 15 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes

Reoccurring Payment: Optional


$240 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 45 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $55

Location: Over 25 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes

Reoccurring Payment: Optional