What’s the Best Age to Start Music Lessons?
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Online Music Lessons – Scottsdale And Paradise Valley

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many music lessons have been put on the back burner due to social distancing. Luckily, for students, though, online music lessons are now being conducted through Amazing Mobile Music Instruction! If you are in the Scottsdale or Paradise Valley area and are searching for “online music lessons,” then keep reading for full details.

Music Lessons Online

For any student, instrument in learning or even mastering the piano, online lessons are ideal during these unprecedented times. But, thanks to video communications apps, Zoom and Skype, online music lessons are now possible. Ben’s Method, a unique way of learning the piano, can be taught virtually at the student’s convenience. Amazing Mobile teaches the basics and fundamentals of music; equating playing an instrument to math. Once the structure is understood, the possibilities are endless! For the easiest and most affordable online music lessons in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, head on over to Ben’s Method to schedule a time that works best for you.

Online Music Lessons Cost

Here is a breakdown of online music lesson costs at Amazing Mobile Music Instruction:

  • 30-minute lesson: $30.
  • 45-minute lesson: $40.
  • 60-minute lesson: $50.

The basic online music instruction package consists of one 30-minute lesson, while standard lasts 45 minutes and the premium lesson package offers one 60-minute lesson. Choose the appropriate amount of time for your lesson based on your current skill level. These prices are cheaper than the typical in-person lessons, as well. Generally, piano lessons in the valley will range anywhere from $40-$60. Take advantage of these low rates and the convenience of video calling by booking your online lessons today!

Music Lessons Cost At Amazing Mobile Music Instruction

Serving the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale areas, Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers some of the best music lesson rates in the entire valley! The best part about this company is it offers a variety of packages for beginners, intermediate-level players and experts. A basic package is $160 for four weeks (one lesson per week). A standard package costs $200 for four weeks, while the premium offering costs $220 for four weeks of lessons. For those seeking the ultra package, it comes with a price tag of $240 for four weeks of instruction. Introduction lessons for these offerings range from just $40-$55. Online lessons cost from $30-$50 per session.

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Amazing Mobile Music offers Music Lessons Throughout The Phoenix Valley

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers music lessons for piano, bass guitar, drums, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Learn how to play your favorite instrument with Amazing Mobile Music Instruction. Looking for kids piano lessons or beginner piano lessons? We can help with that too.

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