If you are searching for online piano lessons, skype piano lessons, or online piano teachers, Amazing Mobile Music Instruction can help! Our goal is to help people achieve a greater understanding of how music actually works. Not just memorizing and feeling lost, but to really comprehend its structure while having fun. We offer musical instruction services for both kids and adults online, in-home (your place) or at our studio (our home studio).




$180 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $45

Location: Instructors Home

Travel Charge Included: No


$200 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $50

Location: Under 10 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes


$220 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $55

Location: Up to 15 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes


$240 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $60

Location: Up to 25 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes


Online Piano Lessons

Learn online piano lessons quickly with an online piano teacher.

  • Play your favorite songs from the beginning
  • Learn chords, notes, accompaniment & more
  • Practice more efficiently because of instant feedback
  • Works great with a real piano or a keyboard
  • Perfect for beginners and returning students

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost?

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost?

The average 60 minute online piano lesson costs about $70 per hour with average prices ranging $27 to $179 per hour in the US for 2020 according to TakeLessons.

Skype Piano Lessons

Online and/ or Skype piano lessons offers many benefits. Our online and/ or Skype piano teachers have created excellent techniques for teaching online piano lessons online through Skype or other video conferencing platforms and have found ideal methods to overcome the challenges that online and/ or Skype piano lessons produce.

Prior to your Online and/ or Skype piano lesson:

  • Prior to beginning your lesson, you can stay contact with your online and/ or Skype piano teacher by emails or texts, informing them of any points that you would like to cover specifically in your next online and/ or Skype piano lesson.
  • Your online and/ or Skype piano teacher will send you any necessary sheet music, music exercises, and any notes you may need by email, so you can be prepared before your lesson.
  • At the scheduled time and date, your online and/ or Skype piano teacher places a video call to you using Skype. You are required to be signed into your Skype account to get the call.

Throughout your Online and/ or Skype piano lesson:

  • Throughout your online piano lesson, your Skype piano teacher will teach you just like they would with an in-person piano lesson.
  • If you’re working with sheet music, your online and/ or Skype piano teacher has a copy too, and take down notes on their score, holding the score up to the camera for you to copy in pencil on yours. This approach works particularly well, because copying down the notes on your own strengthens your understanding and memory of the notes your teacher took down.
  • Occasionally it’s beneficial to illustrate musical ideas using diagrams. Your online and/ or Skype piano teacher will do this on the score, so you can see on camera, and then scan the score to send you a copy by email following your online piano lesson.
  • Rather than taking down your online piano lesson notes and assignments in a journal or notepad, your online and/ Skype piano teacher will send them in an email, at the conclusion of each of your online and/ Skype piano lessons. Because all of your online piano lesson notes are on the computer, it makes them easier to find, and stops them from becoming lost.

Following your Online and/ or Skype piano lesson:

  • Make sure to get in contact your online and/ or Skype piano teacher by email if there are any questions you may have after your piano lesson.

Online Piano Lessons for Kids

With AMMI, kids get a lot more than the piano lessons. Our creative, fundamental approach motivates your fledgling pianist to genuinely understand music. Online piano lessons for kids empowers learners with the understanding and methods they need to grow into true pianists.

Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

There are multiple skills your child is required to learn when playing piano or any other musical instrument for that matter. The essential things for playing piano are correct positioning of the child’s hands (if not, bone injury may happen), correct posture, the ability to read sheet music and the capability of sight-reading, for example, playing a piece without practicing it beforehand. Each of these help the child’s brain to develop intellectually and creatively and are vital to music learning. The piano takes a long time to honestly become accomplished, so make sure that your child is totally committed.

Online Piano Lessons for Adults

A lot of adults are daunted by the possibility of learning to play the piano. In the end, if an individual didn’t take lessons when they were younger, they might think it’s too late to learn any piano skills after they have turned 30. Nevertheless, as it happens, adults have essential advantages over kids when it comes down to learning to play the piano.

About our Online Piano Teacher

Ben has over 28 years of musical experience. As owner and instructor, he has developed a successful method of musical instruction. He has been studying theory for many years after teaching himself how to play and learning from any musician he encountered. Because of this, he has an original approach to teaching, playing and writing. When beginning to teach, he explored other methods to find a more reasonable if not a simpler way of conveying how to play a variety of instruments. Ben’s Method is enjoyable and valuable.

Why Learn Piano Lessons Online?

  • Connect with Ben from across the US. Having various traditions, cultures, and techniques to expand your mind and your playing style.
  • Easier than ever to begin. All you need is your instrument, an internet connected computer or laptop equipped with a webcam, mic, and some type of video conferencing software.
  • Retake your lesson again and again. Every lesson is recorded for you; go over the lesson’s contents over and over, with materials shared throughout the lessons are also accessible.
  • Differ your learning. Take technique practice with ben throughout the morning or take music lessons in the evening. No boundaries. No restrictions.
  • Make a valuable connection. Ben gives music lessons for a living; connect with him and share your passion.
  • Learn on your time. End the come and go time to take physical music lessons and utilize that time to improve in your own house.
  • Improve your technical skill. With video and audio optimized for music, it’s just as good as being with an instructor.
  • Quickly check in with teachers via chat. Having a hard time with a technique since your last lesson, but can’t wait until the next one? Chat directly with Ben at any time and get a little extra assistance.
  • Lower your costs. With reduced travel time and costs for both the student and Ben; online lessons can be considerably lower in price. Please call for pricing.
  • Nothing to lose. Ben is offering a half off your introductory lesson to try out the system and meet Ben.
  • Enhance music theory and understanding. Attain knowledge and techniques from Ben’s 28 years of musical experience.


Join us next time. As always if you ever have a question or would like to know more, please contact us at bensmethod@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram @amazingmobilemusic.

Best Online Piano Lessons

Here are some of the best online piano lesson websites available in 2020.

If you are looking for some really awesome software apps and features, the two top choices on the list are without a doubt the best options for you.

The number three choice is perfect if you want that in-person touch, as they have a video exchange feature that lets you get a personal assessment.

If you are not into the software thing, and want a cheaper option, number four is for you.

Of course, there are other options, but these are decidedly the top choices.

  1. Playground Sessions

Cost: $9.99 / Month

The best software tool for learning the piano with video lessons for beginners to the advanced.

  1. Flow Key

Cost: $9.99 / Month

The main focus is on learning songs. Using the free trial is great for testing the waters.

  1. Artist Works

Cost: $23.25 / Month

Access to one on one instruction using their Video Exchange feature is what makes them exceptional.

  1. Piano For All

Cost: $49 – One Payment

The most inexpensive piano lessons online, but no progressive features. Very easy to use.

Free Online Piano Lessons

  1. Piano Nanny

Possibly the first free piano and music lesson websites online, founded in February of 1994. Learn piano quick, with straightforward, step by step instructions, for each skill level.

  1. Key Notes

Absolutely a site you should bookmarking and visit often. Albert Frantz helps you along your adventure of piano expertise. At Key-Notes.com you are helped in refining and developing several skills along the way including: Learning to Read Sheet Music, Music Ear Instruction, Piano Theory and Technique.

  1. Popular Piano Music

Online piano tutorials that are “made with love and don’t cost you a dime”. Find a great piano tutorial, tailored just for you – for no cost! Over 17.8 million views on YouTube and over 400 videos uploaded.

  1. Go Piano

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