Learning Music As An Adult
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Learning Music for Adults

Welcome back to Amazing Mobile Music Instruction.  Today we will discuss the motivation of learning an instrument as an adult. Whether it be picking an instrument back up after years of not playing, or beginning an instrument for the first time as an adult, the learning can be difficult but not impossible.

At Amazing Mobile Music Instruction we have students of all ages and all levels. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. When anyone starts or continues music lessons with us, we are happy to be a part of it.

Is it Too Late?

It is never too late to pick up an instrument. I think everyone can play music. I teach older beginners all the time. If you are interested, you can be good at anything you put your mind to. If you practice and enjoy doing it, there will be positive results. Setting realistic expectations can be helpful, of course. Learning 1 song at a time, getting to know the treble and bass clefs, learning music theory, rhythm and counting, fun improvisation, and simple notation can get you started with music. The physical mechanics of playing your chosen instrument are important to learn. You’ve already waited. Start now, it’s awesome.

Revisiting an Old Friend

There are many cases where students played an instrument at a younger age and decide later in life they want to pick the instrument back up. Taking lessons to refresh and sharpen your skills is a great idea. Doing this can help strengthen your memory and previous knowledge, help fix any bad habits you may have picked up along the way and teach you new good habits that will increase your skill level. You can go in a completely new direction like Sarah’s father did or start where you left off.

Starting Fresh

A lot of times we hear “I wish I had learned an instrument when I was young or I wished I would have stuck with my music lessons” Luckily, it is never too late to start. Though scheduling can be more difficult as we get older, we can typically find at least ten minutes in a day to work on a new skill.

As we age, some of the synapses in our brains, not being used, begin to die. Don’t panic, you can make new ones! This is why learning a new skill as an adult can be slightly more difficult. Not impossible. A great way to motivate this growth?… you guessed it, playing/studying music!

Advantages of starting later

When you begin learning music later in life, you may find that you get to a better understanding of it’s theory and structure more quickly than you thought possible. Since you are choosing to learn and play, it’ll automatically be less of a chore for you. You already know that working hard for something you want offers great rewards. You are aware that most excuses are just reasons to not try. If we never start, then we have already failed. That goes for any endeavor.

The Idea makes Me Anxious

Starting something new or taking on any challenge can create anxiety. Choosing to learn music can automatically create unnecessary anxiety in some. There are a great many personal reasons for this. Assuming issues will arise before you start can zap your motivation for trying. Do your best to look at it like it’s an outlet that reduces anxiety and promotes joy in your life.

Beginning or continuing to learn anything takes work. You can enjoy that work. You may have to learn that, as well. With practice comes progress, and in time you will see results. If you learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday, you are already successful. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey. It’s not as helpful to focus on the possible shortcomings you may or may not have. Judge your results after you start and do your best, not before.

Slow and Steady

With some consistent work and practice you can learn or relearn a musical instrument!


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