How Much Do Music Lessons Cost
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How Much Do Music Lessons Cost?

The average cost of music lessons is $55 per lesson, with prices ranging from $30 to $80+ per lesson in the US in 2020. Read on to learn more what you can expect in various price ranges as you improve your musical skills!

$30 To $50 Per Lesson

A very popular price to pay for music lessons and this price is usually the easiest to obtain if you book as part of a lesson package that you pay for at the outset of the lessons. Normally held in the home of the instructor or music studio and can offer you great value for money if you do not mind driving to the location of the lesson.

A couple of points to ponder: If the instructor is at a music store or studio with many teachers, the instructor may only be on a percentage of the monies taken. This may mean they are less motivated to teach as well as having less reason to attract new students. It may also be indicative the teacher is not a top-grade instructor. Also, if life gets in the way of your musical learning, you may have to pay up front for lessons you will not be able to take because of sickness, travel or a family emergency. Likewise, if you buy a package of lessons and then discover it does not jive with your learning style, the value offered in these packages becomes far less of an attractive proposition.

$50 to $80 Per Lesson

In this price range, you are looking at what may be considered regular prices for music lessons. They may be hosted at a studio or in the home of the instructor or in this price range, the instructor may come to you. Obviously, the last option is usually more expensive but you will not have to deal with traffic and the transport of musical instruments. Another advantage is you pay per lesson.

Since these rates are higher, many students save money by having lessons once every other week or month and this can be a good thing as it allows more time for practice. Although single lessons may cost more than package details, they offer greater flexibility as they are not subjected to contracts and can be canceled with ease.

$80 Plus Per Lesson

In this price range you are going to be working with a well-regarded private teacher or if you are going to a music school an elite class teacher.

These lessons will probably last a minimum of sixty minutes and may be done in a studio, the home of the teacher or the home of the student. They are also likely to specialize in individual specialist aspects of music. At this price point, teachers are going to have skills in very specific areas and a great knowledge to pass on to others.

These lessons are not perhaps the best for beginners but as you progress as a musician – this kind of teaching can be the best of all.

Other Ways To Learn

Group lessons are great when you are a beginner as you can learn from others and establish good foundations in music that will take you down the path of learning. You can expect to pay $15 to $35 per class.

Of course in the information age online options are also viable. They are normally cheaper than other music lessons and are good to get your feet wet although perhaps not best suited to the younger musician.

How Much Do Online Music Lessons Cost?

Online Music Lessons Cost

According to TakeLessons, The average cost of a 60-minute music lessons is $72. While the exact cost varies depending on the teacher, the type of music lesson, and your location, you should anticipate spending between $17 and $300 per hour. Learn more about online music lessons cost.

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