If you are searching for “guitar lessons near me”, “in-home guitar lessons”, “kids guitar lessons”, “guitar classes” or “adult guitar lessons” in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, N. Phoenix, Cave Creek, Peoria, or Glendale, AZ, Amazing Mobile Music Instruction is the guitar instructor for you! Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers affordable guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons in Phoenix, AZ. Learn guitar in the comfort of your own home or in our instructor’s studio. We offer guitar lessons for both kids and adults, in-home, or at our studio. Our guitar lessons studio is located at 426 E. Rimrock Dr. Phoenix AZ 85024

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction offers affordable guitar lessons, in the Phoenix Metro area! Learn guitar in the comfort of your own home or in the instructors home studio. Taking guitar lessons in your home takes the stress out of travel and scheduling drive time in traffic. Regardless of your current level of playing, Benjamin can help you or your child improve. He’ll combine his knowledge with yours, not seek to replace it. The more we know, the better we can potentially perform music with fluidity.

In-Home Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons can do much more than just you a new musical ability. Several studies with children have shown that children who take music classes are smarter and do better on a standardized test while doing better in school overall. By having us come to your home to provide music lessons we are able to limit the number of distractions for your learning experience while keeping you in an area that you are familiar with. We take care of all of the hard work that you or your child can focus solely on learning guitar. When I started teaching, I explored several different methods to see which works best so I can spread my love of teaching on to my students. I have had several students rave about how quickly they learned and more importantly how much fun they had!

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

First things first! Mechanics; how you hold the guitar is paramount. Picking techniques, crucial exercises for new players, proven methods for finger and hand stretching and correct muscle development is very important. Learning the fretboard and identification of notes makes theory fun and easy to understand! We will also learn the treble clef and note identification with time values.

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

With the proper mechanics in place; chords, scales, and application is the logical next step. Building endurance, a practice schedule and composition become exciting. Scale and Chord theory is very important for advanced players that could use some help with where to take your musical progressions. Also bear in mind, that some mechanical adjustments will lead to improvements that can make the seemingly impossible happen for you

Guitar Lessons for Preschoolers

Our lessons are modeled like play sessions so that younger students learn in a way that only feels like play. Our students learn melody, song structures, rhythm, and other musical fundamentals in a playful way.

Guitar Lessons for Children

Since we come to you, we offer private lessons in an atmosphere that children feel comfortable. We focus on easy to learn songs with catchy lyrics and simple rhythms in a fun manner to keep children engaged and learning.

Guitar Lessons for Teens

We focus on a private student-teacher relationship to help inspire teens to play the guitar in a more dedicated way than when they were children. We adjust our teaching styles so that teenagers feel supported but still challenged so that they continue to learn at their own pace.

Adult Guitar Lessons

If you are a seasoned musician or just looking to pick up a hobby we have guitar lessons designed just for you. Our adult program is designed to keep you entertained as well as challenge you with a range of music between classic rock to classical symphonies like Mozart.

In-home Guitar Lessons (Your place)

By having Benjamin travel to your location, your lessons can be managed with greater ease. This allows you the benefit of concentrating on your desire to learn as opposed to stressing about getting to another location.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost in Phoenix, AZ?

Guitar Lessons Cost Phoenix AZ

According to Take Lessons, the average cost of a 60-minute guitar lessons in Phoenix is $56, but you should expect to pay prices between $39 and $90 per hour. has a similar price range for guitar lessons at around $40 per hour.  Thumbtack agrees with an average cost of $40 to $70 an hour for guitar lessons. *This is not the actual price of our Guitar lessons. See below for our pricing. Read more about Guitar Lessons Costs in Phoenix.

Guitar Lesson Pricing & Packages



$180 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $45

Location: Instructors Home

Travel Charge Included: No


$200 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $50

Location: Under 10 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes


$220 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $55

Location: Up to 15 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes


$240 / 4 WEEKS

1 – 30 Min Lesson: Each Week

1 Intro Lesson: $60

Location: Up to 25 miles Away

Travel Charge Included: Yes



Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
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 6 reviews
by Jamie J. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Kids Guitar Lessons

Ben has been teaching my son guitar for the last 2.5 years. He's taken my son from ultra-reluctant to capable young novice musician and has been very patient and kind. We love the flexibility and convenience of having him come to our home for lessons. I would highly recommend Ben's services to anyone. - Read All Reviews

by Mary Ann S. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Guitar Lessons

Benjamin is a very knowledgeable musician and teacher who cares about his students. He employs a variety of teaching methods that best suits the needs of his students and while developing good habits. For example, how to read music and tab, how to properly hold a guitar, and how to play with a pick.  He is very patient and recognizes that each student is unique and learns at their own pace.  He is committed to his students and his love of music is infectious.  I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement he has shown my Mother during her piano lessons at 90.  Because of her Parkinson's,  she has some physical and mental deficits that impede her progress, but for all that Benjamin joins in with a guitar accompaniment.  In addition to studying music, he encourages my Mom's creativity in playing her own music. - Read All Reviews

by Ben P. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Guitar Lessons

Amazing experience! Would recommend to anyone for any reason! Telling all my friends who are interested in music lessons that this is legit. - Read All Reviews

by Heather L. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Adult Guitar Lessons

Ben is a great guitar instructor.  Whether you are picking up the guitar for the first time or have played before, Ben will meet you right where you are with his instruction.  He displays patience, knowledge, and a passion for music.  He makes sure he is teaching you proper technique from the very beginning so that you develop good habits while you are learning to play.  Ben is reliable, dependable, and always on time for our weekly lessons.  Ben's positive attitude and encouragement help to keep you motivated and make learning fun.  If it's always been your dream to learn how to play the guitar, give Ben a call.  He will help to make that dream a reality and will encourage you every step along the way. - Read All Reviews

by Syed I. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Guitar Lessons

Ben has been teaching guitar to my son for the past few months and I must say that it has been great so far. Ben teaches various techniques which I see no other previous guitar instructor has stressed upon earlier and they are must for a guitarist in order to develop good habits from the start. He makes sure in every class that my son is playing the guitar with correct form and technique. He's good with kids and makes sure they are comfortable and understanding the instructions. I always tell my son to learn as much as possible from Ben, he's a good teacher and willing to share his knowledge.  Recently started piano classes as well for my daughter and so far going great. She's liking them.  Definitely recommend if anyone wants to learn music from Ben. At least give him a try. - Read All Reviews

by Joanna L. on Amazing Mobile Music Instruction
Guitar Lessons

Amazing Mobile Music Instruction has been key in getting my boys to learn the structure, beauty, and fun of music. Ben is patient, fun but also intent on sharing his love for music through his dedication to the student's growth. I highly recommend Amazing Mobile Music!! - Read All Reviews