What’s the Best Age to Start Music Lessons?
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What’s the Best Age to Start Music Lessons?

5 years old is the best age to begin lessons. When children reach this age, they are typically pretty good at sitting down and focusing with a music instructor in their home.

Children’s Music Lessons

We have all listened to the stories of musical prodigies, from Stevie Wonder signing with Motown at age eleven to Mozart writing his very first symphony at age eight. It doesn’t matter if your child isn’t playing music with the Chicago Symphony or the New York Philharmonic by age 10, your child is certainly exposed to gifted children in your neighborhood. Whether it’s an elementary school band concert or the church pre-school choir, it seems as though parents need to engross their children in music lessons from an early age if they want them to musically succeed.

Parents often hear other parents complain in a way that influences them to put off music lessons until their child is older, like “I was forced to play an instrument when I was younger, I didn’t it then and I don’t like it now.” To avoid this terrible attitude, parents decide to put off music lessons until their child can choose their own instrument or when they are older and can decide if they would even like to play an instrument.

There is a lot of studies that demonstrate a “window of opportunity” from when they are born to age nine for developing a musical appreciation among children. Throughout this time, the mental structures and mechanisms related with understanding and processing music are in the perfect stages of development, making it very important to introduce music to children in this age range.

Beginning Music Lessons

The important question isn’t when to begin lessons, but what’s the intention of music lessons for young children? For example, very young children aren’t exposed to instruments to master them, but to boost experience and learn to start a meaningful relationship with music when they are young. If this is your intent, then the “lessons” can and should start sooner than later and undeniably within your child’s first year.

These “lessons” don’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – formal. Parents can act as guides by engrossing their children in a musical atmosphere. You can help your child focus on music with movement activities such as musical games, dancing or swaying when holding the baby, or playing a musical instrument or singing for the child.

Music Lessons Around Age Three

When the child is around age three, it might be time for more formal type “lessons.” Once more, the goal isn’t to learn to play an instrument but to develop their skills like identifying melody, identifying a beat, or musical instrument identification. These parent-child lessons can be any number of preschool classes run by community centers universities, or private individuals. Deciding whether a music class is appropriate for your child, make sure your intentions and expectations match the instructors.

Music Lessons Around Age Five

By age five, a lot of children have established groundwork that has prepped them for formalized music lessons. Thus far, the goal of the lessons isn’t to perform great on the instrument but to enhance their comprehension of music. Violin and piano are commonly the two instruments played the most at this age, but some have tried the guitar, recorder, or ukulele with great success.

Music Lessons Around Age Ten

By the age of ten, the child will have a wide range of skills related to the instrument they have decided on. They also will have the physical ability to try different, bigger instruments, like a large string instruments or brass that needs an increased level of stamina and strength. At this time, the intentions of lessons suitably transition from gaining experience with music to enhancing their performance strength.

What’s the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons?

The best age to start piano lessons is usually between the ages of 6 and 9 years old according to School of Rock. Whereas older students might have an easier time learning to play. However, students as young as 6-years-old can also learn to play because the keys of the piano are easily operated.

What’s the Best Age to Start Violin Lessons?

What is the right age? Children as young as 3 years old can start leaning with a professional violin instructor, thanks to scaled-down instruments and the Suzuki method. Nevertheless, there’s more to think about than age and size. For other children, five and six are usually the best age according to Elite Music Academy.

What’s the Best Age to Start Guitar Lessons?

While each child is different, it’s usually a good idea to wait until your child is at least 6 years old before starting guitar lessons according to Guitar Gear Finder. While children younger than 6 can learn guitar, it takes a remarkable teacher to take on the difficulty to teach young children.

What’s the Best Age to Start Singing Lessons?

A lot of parents ask for voice lessons for their children as young as 3 or 4 years old, but traditional vocal lessons are not usually successful or suitable for children this young according to Musika Lessons Blog. It’s a good idea to start voice lessons once the child’s voice is more established and they have started the beginning stages of puberty.

Music Lessons in Conclusion

There are three answers to the question, “What age should children start music lessons?” Casual activities using music should begin soon after they are born, followed by more methodical classes about age three, and music lessons with the intention of learning the instrument should begin about age six and nine. Bear in mind these are only guidelines; there will be exceptions that will certainly happen based on the child and/or instructor. Gaining knowledge with music at an early age is very important in your child’s development. Like learning a language or riding a bike, music skill may be learned later in life, but won’t be “natural” in a way that’s so vital for flowing musical performance.


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